How to restore wood furniture: clean, repair and refinish

Looking for practical advice on how to restore wood furniture? You’ve come to the right place. Neglected old wooden furniture often suffers from a build-up of dirt and grime, with the diminished colour and lustre resulting in a dull appearance. With this in mind, owners of antique furniture are often left wondering how to restore old wood furniture (often much treasured pieces) to their former glory. 

Thankfully, restoring wood furniture is quite easily done and we’ve created this easy to follow guide so that when you come to restore furniture, you’ll know what to do for ultimate success. What’s more, with restoration furniture seemingly always at the forefront of home trends – in both period and contemporary properties – and therefore, more costly to purchase, now you can save on something beautiful by simply creating your own.

  • See our guide on caring for, cleaning and polishing wood furniture if you’ve more modern pieces around the home. 


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