4 Tips for Making the Most as a Tasker

©Vanessa Garcia

©Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia first learned about TaskRabbit in 2017 when her friend told her about the platform, and she decided to try it as a way to earn some extra income while pursuing her acting career.

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“I thought it was amazing that you could get paid to put together IKEA furniture,” she said. “Once I signed up for TaskRabbit, I found out you could do a lot more — everything from personal assistant work to event planning and staffing.”

Although she initially signed up for TaskRabbit as a way to find weekend gigs, it soon became Garcia’s primary source of income while she continued to act and go on auditions in Los Angeles. Now, Garcia earns up to $9,000 a month through the platform.

Here are her best tips for making the most money as a Tasker.

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Offer a Range of Skills

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two types of tasks if you want to make the most money possible.

“I offer 25 different skills on the app,” Garcia said. “These range from personal assistant work to project coordination/management to organization to furniture assembly, event staffing and entertainment — to name a few!”

Go Above and Beyond

Reviews on the platform can go a long way, so doing everything you can to wow the client can have a big impact.

“It’s easier said than done, but I really benefited from professionalism and going above and beyond for my clients,” Garcia said. “If there was something I wasn’t 100% about, I’d do my research and make sure I could accomplish whatever task was asked of me.”

In addition to excellent reviews, this can also lead to personal referrals.

“I think ‘word of mouth’ is very important,” Garcia said. “Doing a phenomenal job for my clients has led me to getting referred to other clients.”

Opt for Tasks That Pay the Most

Depending on your skill set, you may be able to offer to do tasks that are known to be high-paying.

“I have heard from other Taskers that plumbing has become a very good task to earn at a very high rate,” Garcia said. “Other examples include mounting, interior design, cleaning, etc.”

However, you don’t need to have specialized skills to earn high hourly rates.

“Transparently, any task could be a very high-paying one,” Garcia said. “It would ultimately come down to the high quality of work you can deliver. On my end, I can charge anywhere from $60 to $100 per hour for a task.”

Work Your Way Up to Higher Rates

While Garcia now charges up to $100 per hour as an experienced Tasker, she recommends setting your rates lower when you are starting out.

“Have patience if you would like to eventually task as your main source of income — you will get there!” she said. “Just keep the professionalism and enjoy the work you do. In regards to setting your own rates, I recommend new Taskers start at $20 per hour, at the minimum, because if you set your rate higher without having ratings or reviews, that’s when it becomes a little bit harder to get hired. As Taskers get more positive reviews, they can then consider raising their rates.”

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